Kallangur Reservior – Jugglers Art Space and Unity Water

Photo 21-06-2017, 3 49 21 PMIMG_5710Photo 22-06-2017, 3 54 41 PMIMG_5691Photo 15-06-2017, 2 55 15 PMPhoto 15-06-2017, 5 04 40 PMPhoto 20-06-2017, 7 04 36 PMPhoto 20-06-2017, 7 04 59 PMPhoto 21-06-2017, 3 46 46 PM

This was is the tallest structure to date we have had the pleasure of laying paint on. A hugely challenging surface provided by our friends at Unity Water to tackle but we enjoyed it till the end. The project began in late 2016 with our team working alongside our partners Jugglers Art Space, running a range of workshops with local schools and community members. We looked to use this opportunity to explore what it was that made this community so invested in the project. Over a period of around 3 months, 3 themes and concepts were developed. ANZAC, Flora & Fauna, and Past, Present & Future.

Our biggest Challenge was in finding a way to utilize such a unique shaped canvas. The tower could be viewed from every angle, so determining the most optimal viewing angle helped to determine the types of elements that would fit into our design.

‘ANZAC’ Design
Flora and Fauna FULL
‘Flora & Fauna’ Design
Past Present Future
‘Past, Present & Future’ Design

After a lengthy voting process, the clear winning design was the Flora and Fauna concept. The community wanted the design to fit in seemlessly with the leafy environment around the tower.

In June, we began painting the work.

IMG_5646DJI_0017.MOV.00_01_10_23.Still002DJI_0018.00_01_02_09.Still008Photo 20-06-2017, 7 04 11 PM


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