Graincorp Yelarbon Silo Project

‘When the rain comes’.

Yelarbon and surrounding region is in the grips of over two years of drought. While researching and meeting with locals we were interested to hear that many would connect with pride about previous industry and history. We read and heard about the impact and importance of the timber mill, old railway, tobacco and rabbit works. We were inspired by the current stories of resilience and adaptability shown by people in a town so closely connected with primary industry. In the face of ongoing uncertainty and at times desperation we were struck by the strength and optimism shown by those working to provide for themselves families and the town. We felt that this spirit of hope would be great to portray on the silos so predominant in the town. As it happens our own journey to getting this painting completed required a good amount of adaptability and resilience from us.

Our man Joel Fergie The Zookeeper who was pivotal in developing and creating the design for the silo’s was not able to join us in the painting due to health issues.. we called on our talented and legendary friend Steven Falco Procreative to join us.

Joel has started a public discussion about his experience with mental health issues and we found a group of men doing the same in Yelarbon. Each week a group of farmers gather over breakfast and have a yarn about all sorts of things including mental health. While in town we attended this breakfast and saw this as evidence of a community willing to look out for each other, dig their heels in and grow..

This same community welcomed us into their homes, baked and cooked for us, leant us scissor lifts, put us up and gave us all sorts of support through out.

We are humbled and grateful to have this opportunity and feel so connected to the town of Yelarbon. Till next time!!

Shouts to Angus of After Midnight Film Co for capturing the behind and on the scene action despite fully rupturing his Achilles one week in!

Thanks again to Goondiwindi Council @crushcityfame  @graincorp and @taubmans for paint supplies


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