Upwards & Onwards

Untitled_Artwork 26


‘Upwards & Onwards’ was a piece we created in amongst a time of some missed opportunities. Creating artwork for a living so often is spent, sitting at a desk, throwing your heart and soul at a range of potential opportunities. When you’re putting your everything into the process, so often things fall through. At times this year, momentously exciting things have fallen down at the last minute. There’s been moments of massive disappointment that have left us wondering if it’s all worth it. One thing is for sure, that it’s definitely worth it. When things are rough or stalling, there’s always some crazy chance conversation with someone that leads to another wholesome creative journey. Upwards and onwards was one of hundreds of swings of the pendulum. Ready for so many more! Thanks to MBRIT for having us  and to AfterMidnight Film Co for the video and hangs

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