Graincorp Yelarbon Silos. Round 2

'When The Rain Comes'

When The Rain Comes

Photo by Judy leitch

There is a ripple on effect with things.  But “When the Rain Comes” finally, only then will the ripples be seen in their full and mighty effect.  And you could say it was just lucky timing, but after two separate stints of several weeks spread over two years, the rain did finally come down.  With it washing the dust off the roads, the tracks, moistening the farmer’s fields and bringing hope and beauty after a decade of scant moisture.  Filling the lagoon in town with fresh water, lilies and life – just as the artwork depicted.  Things felt hopeful again, just like the artwork hoped and willed it would along with the rest of the town’s people.  

The Graincorp Yelarbon Silos were a momentous project for Brightsiders on many levels. Creating silo art on this scale represented a great honour and responsibility. We have been heartened to hear of the increased local tourism to the area; the many new visitors viewing the work as part of the Australian Silo Art Trail.  

The large scale public mural was recognised by The Austrialian Street Art Awards as the ‘2020 Best Rural Artwork’ and has also been featured in Ripleys Believe It or not ‘Out of the Box’. Most importantly we are proud that the work reflects our mission to uplift communities through our art.   

Photography by Kim Screaigh
Photo by Jordache Castillejos
Photo by Angus Mckenny @aftermidnightfilmco
Photo by Jordache Castillejos

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